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            Edward Wilks is the Owner and Chief Instructor of WSTC, Inc., The Tradesmen, and Advanced Combat Training.


            WSTC, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the specialized training and consulting in all areas of defensive tactics and fighting, self-protection, and auditing and risk assessment.  WSTC works directly with Law Enforcement agencies, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services, Security Companies, as well as Civilian and Private Organizations looking for, or focused on, a proactive approach to the preparation, assessment, management, and elimination of various forms of threats and risks.



            The Tradesmen is a federally licensed Class III / NFA / FFL Dealer specializing in all types of new and used firearms.  They are a full-line Law Enforcement Dealer and Distributor offering discounted prices for Law Enforcement, Federal, State, and Local Government and Qualified Private entities and agents.  They offer a variety of Class III and NFA firearms and devices including machine-guns, silencers, SBR’s (short-barreled rifle) and AOW’s (any-other-weapon) as well as service, parts, and other equipment.  Along with specialized firearms, they sell a full spectrum of standard rifles, shotguns, and handguns.  They offer new and used, antique and collectible, special orders and consignments, as well as internet sales and transfers.  They carry the most popular guns used in youth sports and competitive shooting such as 4H, IDPA, IPSC, Cowboy Action, and so forth.  They always offer the lowest prices, and the best selection.  Along with this, they offer a full range of firearms classes and training – from taking the necessary time to show you each firearm you are considering (how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, their suitability for your self-defense and/or recreation) to discussing cost and quality.  They also have a full line of personal-protection equipment such as Mace, Pepper Spray, ASP Batons, Tasers, and Stun Guns along with holsters, body armor, handcuffs, and other defensive equipment.  With all the equipment they sell, they offer multiple Firearms Safety and Personal Defense classes that include introduction, basic, Concealed Weapon Permit, and even advanced tactical handgun, rifle, and shotgun courses.  They also provide each customer and student with a vast network of support organizations and informational resources that keep them prepared for all possibilities.


The Tradesmen Gun Store
128 East 3rd Street
Rifle, CO 81650
(970) 625-GUNS


            Advanced Combat Training is a firearms school that offers the best and safest learning environment for beginners and experts alike.  Edward Wilks, the Chief Instructor, is a former police officer with more than ten years of law enforcement training and experience.  He is a life-long martial artist as well as a certified firearms instructor with more than twenty years of teaching experience.  Certifications include: NRA, Law Enforcement Tactical Instructor, SWAT, Executive Security International, Defensive Technologies, Glock, CLETA, and others.  These classes not only help you prepare to defend yourself, they present each student with the realities of the pre-fight, fight-fight, post-fight mentality.  (The pre-right is the training, practice, and preparation.  The fight-fight is that actual threatening encounter.  The post-fight is the court battle that will undoubtedly ensue when all else is done.)  Based on decades of research, skill, and knowledge from actual experience, each student will be fully prepared for whatever may come.  Along with Police Officers, Federal Agents, Security and Military Personnel, Edward has taught civilians for several years including helping youth and first-time shooters improve their skills.  He is a highly-experienced professional and his teaching style helps establish a fun and comfortable learning environment for students of any level.




WSTC, Inc. – The Tradesmen – Advanced Combat Training
128 East 3rd Street, Rifle, CO 81650
Edward Wilks, Owner
(970) 625-4867


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